How to Get What You Want: Tip #2

"My Brand" from Alana's Vision Board

#2: Know and Embrace Your Brand.

Problem: Sometimes people don’t get me. I’ve been told I’m too happy, optimistic and talkative. Easily Excitable. Scatterbrained. I’ve been laughed at for the way I dress. I’ve been told I am stubborn and bossy. I’ve definitely been teased for asking too many questions.

I have taken these messages and internalized them to believe that I’m a wacky dressed weirdo who people don’t want to be around because I run my mouth and tell them what to do.

I don’t 100% believe all these things all the time, but they have certainly shaped my self image. Through various events and interactions, I have come to believe that people don’t really care what I have to say, so I trip over my words just trying to get my story out fast enough before losing my listener’s attention. Have I lost yours yet? Okay great! You are still with me.

Last week, my husband and I were in Georgia at a public speaking boot camp hosted by Kent Julian. I had two specific interactions with Kent where I spoke to him out of my insecurities. We were discussing what my “message” would be. Timidly, I said, “I don’t think people want to hear what I have to say.” He immediately put me in my place (thanks Kent!) “Alana, you have got to get over this. You have a presence about you and people are drawn to you. People will want to hear what you have to share.” Later that evening I contemplated his words. I realized, if I don’t value my own opinions and my own voice how can I expect others to value them? Whoah. WHOAH!

Now, back to the importance of Knowing and Embracing Your Brand.

Solution: We all have a brand. Your brand is who you are – your personality, your strengths, your weaknesses, your passions. My brand in one word is “Challenger.” I challenge the status quo. I challenge current fashion trends and HECK YES I challenge the people around me by asking penetrating questions so that I can understand.

My husband Josh wrote his second blog post on “branding.” You can find it here. A few of the questions he asks are: What are you known for? What do you hope to be known for? How do colleagues and relatives describe you? If someone had to describe you in one word, what would be?

I encourage you to not only know your brand, but to embrace it. You are YOU for a reason.

What is your brand? Leave a note in the comments below and check out Josh’s post about branding at

These ladies know how to embrace their brand:


11 thoughts on “How to Get What You Want: Tip #2

  1. Awesome post Alana! I’ve struggled with some of those same insecurities my entire life. Like Kent did for you, I’ve had people come along and help re-frame my views. I’m still a work in progress though! Thanks for sharing and I’m excited to see where the journey leads for you and Josh.

    • Hi Kevin! Yes, sometimes it takes having someone just call you right out instead of them trying to come alongside and gently encourage you. Don’t get me wrong, I need encouragement, but the past two “a-ha” moments I’ve had were when people spoke direct truth.

  2. Alana,

    Thanks for your kind words. I’m humbled!

    But even more, thanks for sharing your struggles with us.

    Everyone faces challenges, yet often it’s the challenges we overcome that lead us to our greatest areas of impact. As you know from my story, I really struggled academically and believed I was stupid from elementary school all the way through high school. But once I was able to overcoming my learning challenges, not only did I become a stronger person, my life is given to helping students overcome their challenges and helping educators develop environments within their classrooms to empower students to take 100% responsibility for their lives and education. Overcoming my struggle led to my greatest message…once which is impacting others.

    Why am I sharing all these details? Because I have a sense that you greatest area of impact will come from the struggle you are sharing with us here. Eventually, I believe you will be helping others realize their voice matters!

    Just a thought…

    Kent Julian

    • Oh man, Kent. You are getting me EXCITED! It is my mission to help others realize their voice matters.

      Your story also energizes me because it is a testament to the power of E+R = O. This is one of the primary concepts I took away from Speak It Forward. We often think the Events of our lives lead to the Outcome. The reality is the Events+our Response is what leads to our Outcome.

      • I know…e+R=o has been HUGE in my life. So grateful I was exposed to W. Clement Stone and Jack Canfield’s teaching early on in my life.

  3. I’ve only met you once and do you know what I took away? Your thoughtful questions, your shy smile, your face lighting up when we “connected” on a topic and how your eyes locked on mine when you were hearing my answer. You listen. You think. You … matter.

    Wonderful post …….

    PS = my favourite quote of all time? “.. To thine own self be true.”

    If you know who you are .. own it.
    If you don’t know .. find out!


    • Marcia!! Thank you for stopping by! haha. Yes, what I love about people is that we are so uniquely different, yet so the same. We all have fears, but there is such a variety. I think a lot of people can relate to the fear of rejection. Even though I like talking in front of others, I still deal with the fear of rejection. Thank you for sharing your thoughts Marcia!

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