The Experiment

One of the main reasons I started this blog is to share my story with others. I want others to know they are not alone in their insecurities and fears or… desperation.

As part of my journey, I am taking a class called “Answering the Creative Call.” This class is based on the book, The Artist’s Way, by Julia Cameron.

I am currently reading chapter 5 titled, Recovering a Sense of Possibility. In this chapter the author asks, “What dream are you discounting as impossible given your resources? What payoff are you getting for remaining stuck at this point in your expansion?” She goes on to suggest that we can find the answers to some of our life’s issues by doing a simple experiment.

The Experiment.
I am going to try this experiment everyday for one week beginning tonight to see if I can come up with solutions to specific areas I am feeling trapped.
1). Ask: At night, before falling asleep, list areas in which I need guidance.
2). Listen: In the morning, write on these same topics and listen for the answers.

I will post an update next Friday to let you know what I have experienced.

Why is this photo here? read about Alana's dream in the comments below. (Photo courtesy of:


13 thoughts on “The Experiment

  1. Alana, the fact that you continue to do these exercises really impresses me. I myself am having a really hard time doing things to get me out of my feeling of being stuck. It takes an incredible amount of discipline that right now, I do not have. Keep it up. You have no idea the affect you have on those around you.

    • Josh, thank you for your response. It means a lot to me! I am looking forward to seeing if this experiment works. A question that I’d like to throw out there for anyone is, “If you are feeling stuck and feel like you don’t even have the willpower or energy to get unstuck, how do you get out of your rut?” I’ve been wondering this for a long time, but I do not have an answer for it right now. Hmm… maybe this is a question I can ask myself tonight!

  2. I had to reread the sentence from above: “I am going to try this experiment everyday for one week beginning tonight to see if I can come up with solutions to specific areas I am feeling trapped.” I specifically had to make note of the words “feeling trapped”. I sincerely feel like that often with my job, and it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one. I will have to try this experiment and see what happens. 🙂 thanks!

  3. Brandi, I agree with you! This is one area I am also feeling trapped and I am asking specific questions that will help me realize ways that I can get out of this.

    This morning was my first day “listening for answers” to the questions I wrote last night. I woke up from this dream:

    The Dream.
    I was at a concert venue and there were people bustling all around me. I happened to look up and observe a man standing near a huge vertical floor poster that read “Metallica.” I observed him as he turned to a person next to him and asked, “Hey! Who’s playing tonight?” It turns out the person he asked was a Metallica band member! “What an idiot.” I thought. Not even 30 minutes later, I did the EXACT same thing! I was standing next to the same poster and turned to a guy next to me. “So… there’s a concert here tonight!” I yelled over the crowd. He nodded. “Who’s playing?” I am now literally standing two feet away from the sign advertising Metallica. He just looked at me, said “Metallica” and walked away. After he walked away I realize HE was a band member too!

    The interesting part of this dream is that when I was asking the question, the answer was two feet away from me, but I didn’t see it because I had my back to it. I am also intrigued by the fact that I had just watched someone make the same mistake, yet I went and did it myself immediately after.

    I truly believe we have the answers around us. We just need to turn around.

  4. So… does that mean that a part of the answer might be to request that our eyes be opened to what is really going on around us, not only an intentional awareness of it, but how it might fit into our story?

  5. Sooo… this experiment is not going as I planned. Well, it is… I am getting answers, but they are CRAPPY. I know they are the right answers, because they are SO CRAPPY. I’ll update more in detail on Friday.

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  7. So Alana…is this a book you’d recommend? I’m intrigued by your experiment (very brave, by the way!) and am wondering if you got more than this out of the book. Is it a worthwhile read?

    • Amanda, yes! It is absolutely a worth while read. I am actually only half way through it right now. I have not shared this on the blog, but there was an experience I had about two weeks ago where I experienced healing from a wound that occurred when I was in junior high. This healing came about from an exercise in the book where we write a letter from our 8-year-old self to our now self. It was amazing. I am going through this book with a class of about 10-12 other people at a church I use to attend. If you have an opportunity to go through the book with a small group of others, it is a very rewarding process. I am sure it would be rewarding to go through it alone as well, but the accountability really helps. Let me know if you are interesting in chatting over the phone/via Skype and I can give you more details of the book and my experiences from a few of the exercises.

      Wow. This answer is beginning to get really long, but I have experienced quite a few life changes in just 4 short weeks as a result of this book! Let me say one more thing: The purpose of the book is to help us get “un-blocked” as creatives – to experience freedom in our art, writing, dance, painting, etc. I have found it to be a much more life altering experience. I took the class so I may be able to draw better and not be afraid to fail at it. What I have received is healing and courage. GOOD STUFF.

      • Oh my goodness, this sounds incredible! I’m gonna pray about who I can gather to go through the book with me. When we start, I would love to have a conversation with you about it. 🙂

      • OH YES, I will GLADLY chat with you about this book! This will definitely be a book I use as a reference for years to come.

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