Opportunity Rocks!

"The Successful Happy Dance"

Did you know that if you face your fears you will get a much higher reward than if you did not? The answer seems to be an obvious “yes” but so often we get stuck in the thought pattern that continuing to live our lives in fear is the better choice.

Let me give you a couple real life examples: I hate going to the doctor. There are few things that terrify me more than being poked and prodded – especially when I know there is the potential for some sort of injection or internally invasive procedure. I used to spend the months leading up to a doctor appointment mentally preparing myself. However, the appointment is never as bad as what I imagine it to be in my crazy beautiful mind. When I leave these appointments pretty much unscathed, I feel I have conquered the world! Literally nothing I viewed as a problem, hindrance or obstacle has the same overwhelming intensity it did prior to my walking into that doctor office.

Example #2: This blog. I started it with a tinge of excitement, but mostly I was filled with fear. It was something I had to do. Not because people told me I had to do it, but because there was a voice inside of me saying, “Alana, you must share your story.” What could I possibly be afraid of? Rejection. I feared people would think I did not know what I was talking about or readers would be so bored they would never return. However, the amount of opportunities I am experiencing, people I have met and doors that are opening before me are so much greater than anything I would have experienced had I chosen to remain paralyzed with fear!

Opportunity Rocks!
As a result of facing this fear by stepping into the public eye, I now have the opportunity to write a coaching program! I never would have dreamed of doing this so soon. I will begin writing this program next week and plan to have it finished by the first week of January.

During this two month period I am making adjustments to allow for maximize time opportunities to write the program. Beginning Tuesday, November 15, I will be posting a minimum of 1x/wk. I am excited to continue to share with you new perspectives through the voices of others who are on a similar journey to live their best life possible. Here is a sampling of a few of these amazing people: MJ from Emjayandthem’s Blog; Terri from When I Grow Up…; Josh from The Unknown and Ivan from A Better Way of Business. I can’t wait for you to hear what they have to say! I’m also working toward getting a few more awesome people lined up to share things they are learning.

I gotta tell ya, you are going to experience a heck of a lot more opportunities if you expose yourself to the world than if you continue to sit in your bedroom dreaming and wishing of the life you wish you had.


10 thoughts on “Opportunity Rocks!

    • Oh man, I would do SO many things if I were no longer afraid!! I’m going to write this question down and actually journal on it. Thanks MJ!

  1. First, you and Josh are dorks. Just wanted to share (love it, you’re just like Skye and I and we’re TOTAL dorks!).

    Second, I’m so excited about how much you’re making happen in a short period of time. It’s amazing what can happen once you break the personal inertia, isn’t it?!

    • Haha. Why are we dorks??

      It’s interesting that you say it’s amazing what can happen once we break the personal inertia – this is SO TRUE! I could have started doing all these things a whole YEAR AGO if I had just actually believed in myself and pushed through the fear. I can’t believe how many doors are swinging open now that I am moving.

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