Frumpy Turtlenecks & Little Black Dresses

Frumpy Turtleneck

Whether we like it or not, the way we dress affects our moods and self-confidence. Okay, maybe I should re-phrase that, “Whether I like it or not, the way I dress affects my mood and self-confidence.

I’m taking a class on “Creativity” and recently I’ve been intrigued by a couple of the assignments.

1). Open your closet. Throw out – or hand on, or donate- one low-self-worth outfit. (You know the outfit.) Make space for the new.

When I saw this task, I thought “I know the outfit? Not really… I don’t dislike any of my clothes that bad.

The other day I threw on this turtleneck and vest to wear to work. Throughout the morning I kept looking at myself in the mirror and felt like something was off. I didn’t like the way it looked. I ended up switching it out for a different top before leaving the house. Later that day I realized this is just one of those outfits that makes me feel crummy. One reason is because it makes me sweat. Ew gross. I KNOW!! And for some reason I keep it. Why?

2). Wear your favorite item of clothing for no special occasion.

Yesterday I determined I would wear my little black dress to work. Mostly because a few of my classmates coaxed me into it during class – although they didn’t really dare me, I took it as a dare to make it more adventurous.

I was nervous about what my coworkers would say to me, “What are you wearing??” then followed by, “Why?”

But I did it anyway. Turns out the day was pretty uneventful – no one said a word. However, I realized two things from this: 1). Taking risks aren’t always as scary as they seem. If I can do this, then what other fear can I conquer? 2). I look pretty darn good in a little black dress.

Little Black Dress


21 thoughts on “Frumpy Turtlenecks & Little Black Dresses

    • ha! Thanks Amanda. I like the red heels too! My wardrobe is lacking a few staple items that I hope to start building up this year.

    • This assignment of “tossing out the old frump” has crept up in various chapters of her book. Now that I’ve had to time process, I have realized I have a FEW items that just don’t make me feel that hot – I realized this because almost every time I put them on to wear, I end up changing out of them before leaving the house.

      Thanks for your comments, Claudia!

    • We should sift through your closet before you move across the country. πŸ˜‰

      I’m glad the post made you laugh, Halsey! When I started writing this blog, I attempted to be ultra professional – but that’s not me. I’m beginning to move away from that and just truly be ME.

  1. HA! “I look pretty darn good…” This made me laugh. Love it! I’m a firm believer in a saying that goes like, If you don’t think positive thoughts about yourself, no one else will either! Way to make this happen!

    And the point about “…risks aren’t always as scarey as they seem.” is priceless. Risk can be replaced with worries…. most of what we worry about never happens. And yet we worry about incessantly… at least I do. The key is to realize it for what it is and move through it and past it. If something bad happens, then it happens. But most of the time you’ll find out the risk or worry was blown WAY OUT OF PROPORTION in your mind!


    • Yeah, man. This is definitely a struggle for me – I allow the IDEA of the “risk” to actually outweigh the risk itself!

    • haha. Yes!! It is quite interesting how we tend to build a “world of responses” in our head with assumptions of how others will react to us – good or bad.

  2. Shazam .. the transformation from frumpy to fabulous was at lightening speed! And it is so true that the woman makes the dress :).

    I don’t own any turtlenecks. They are warm, yes, but they make me hot .. and not in a good way.

    Cheers! MJ

  3. You make that dress look awesome! I definitely think that wearing what you feel good in makes a big difference. My favorite outfit is a 20’s style flair skirt that looks like tweed, but isn’t. Other than that I always feel great in a good pair of jeans with a nice shirt.
    I saw that you mentioned staple items in a previous comment. I’ve always wanted to go buy those items. There was a show with Tim Gunn (I think that’s his name) that covered that kind of stuff and it was fun – not so tough like the What Not to Wear People. Getting staple items for my closet may be a goal of mine next year. We shall see.

    • Tim Gunn is a fantastic stylist! He has a way of telling you that your “look” does look good without breaking your heart.

      I’d love to see a photo of you wearing your 20’s style skirt!

  4. Ha– I had a post like this in my head earlier this summer, the day I wore my little black dress to work, but never actually wrotemy thoughts down πŸ™‚ Glad you did. Everyone asked me if I had an interview or something when I wore mine. So, I started wearing it more often, just to keep ’em guessing! I love it that you are just being “you” on this blog now, that is IMHO the way it is suppposed to be.

    • haha! I remember you mentioning that you wore this dress earlier this summer and the reactions you received! It’s funny how when sometimes we do something out of the ordinary, it can throw others off kilter.

      What is IMHO?

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