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Ivan, welcome back to musings of a shiny penny! Ivan first guest posted on my site a few weeks ago. You can view his post called Do Something by clicking ::here:: Ivan and I first met through the online community 48days.net, and then we both attended Kent Julian’s Speak It Forward Boot Camp in October. I am really enjoying getting to know Ivan more, and he is an incredible support to me as I continue to Write My Story.

OK. I get a little worked up in there. Got loud enough to make the speakers pop on the laptop! I don’t think anyone could say I’m not showing you what’s in my heart here!

Here’s a link to Mona Simpson’s eulogy of her brother, Steve Jobs.

This story showed me something. It showed me that Steve Jobs, while having and possessing a remarkable ability to see things in a unique way, was a “normal” man. Not so much different from you or I. Other than he saw the value in living a life of passion, going after his dreams, and writing a story with his actions.

What is holding you back from writing the life story you’ve always dreamed of? Why do you allow the world to dictate your story to you?!

A Better Way of Business will be written into my life’s story. I intend for this to be an integral part. I want my work life and personal life to be so intertwined and mixed that the only way to tell whether I’m “working” or “playing” is whether or not I’m getting paid for the action at that point in time.

That is the story I want to write here.

What about you? Does your business play into your story? Is it dominating your story? Is it something you hope to be edited out later???

If it’s not chapter full of hopes, dreams, and excitement, let’s talk. I’d love to help make it so for you!


Ivan Bickett created A Better Way of Business in order to come along side struggling small business owners to help them get from where they are to where they want to be. Connect with him on Twitter, YouTube, or Facebook.


6 thoughts on “Write Your Story

  1. Ivan, EVERYTIME I see this video I can’t stop smiling and I get SO PUMPED!! I love this take on life that I can write my OWN story. If it sucks, it’s because I let it suck. Since I saw this video the first time you posted it on your site, I have taken the pen and started writing a pretty sweet story.

    Thank you again for letting me share your passions on this site!

    • Alana, I’m glad I can inspire you. And yet I’m amused… because you inspire me to NO END!!! Thanks for sharing this. I hope the video will encourage others to write the story they want to live and not just let life happen to them.

      Thanks again.


  2. Ivan (and Alana),

    Wow…you are speaking my language in this video! In fact, this video is what “living it forward” is all about!

    “Living it forward” is about mentally attending your own funeral. It’s intentionally determining what you want said about you at your funeral, then proactively living into that story. It’s about intentionally and proactively writing a script with your life so that the things you want said about you at your funeral are actually said about you at your funeral.

    Even more, “living it forward” is about mentally standing before God and intentionally determining what you want Him to say about you…and again, then proactively living into that story. It’s about intentionally and proactively writing a script with your life so that the things you want God to say about you when you stand before Him are actually the things He says when you do stand before him.

    By the way, here’s a post on “Uncovering Your Passions” that talks about some of these thoughts: http://www.liveitforward.com/7-great-questions-for-uncovering-your-passions/

    All this to say, AWESOME IVAN! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts in such a passionate way. And Alana, thanks for re-posting this video! Kudos to both of you!

    Kent Julian

    • Kent!

      I can honestly say you’ve helped inspire the message. It was at your Speak it Forward Boot Camp where I learned a deep part of my heart is to inspire and encourage others not to waste their lives, as I have felt I have wasted part of mine.

      That being said, the wasting has come to an end! It’s time to write the story I want to live instead of just letting life happen.

      Thanks for helping me see the light, sir!


    • You, sir, are an example of someone who has taken this advice to heart.

      …. Better not forget Claudia. Yall are awesome. Keep writing that wonderful story you have going on!


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