A 7-yr-old, 4 Hats and 1 Camera

Alana and Zoie (Click on image to enlarge and back arrow to return to blog)

I live a very serious life.
By this I mean, I am constantly producing. I work a standard 8-5 job Monday through Friday. Most nights I come home and work on writing my career coaching program, writing blog posts or working with Josh on various house projects. I have packed my life with so many priorities and projects I have very little time left for fun.

I am realizing the importance of taking a chill pill.

Last month I took my 7-year-old niece out for a photo shoot. We have never done this before but I thought it would be fun since we both enjoy making silly faces on the front end of a lens. This experience opened my eyes to all the fun I’ve been missing out on!

Not everything needs to have a reason behind it. Sometimes we need to just take a chill pill and do something… just because we want to.


8 thoughts on “A 7-yr-old, 4 Hats and 1 Camera

    • MJ,

      Yes. For some reason I constantly have to remind myself it’s okay to relax and that I don’t always have to be on-the-go and “produce.” I’m goin’ to put my name on the list this week. πŸ™‚

  1. True leisure IS purposeful and adds so much value to life! (The key phrase is “true leisure.”) That’s a good “reason” to invest our lives in moments like this.

    Understanding the difference between empty activity and true leisure is one of the reasons I love reading Stephen Covey’s writings so much. He helped me realize that investing in what matters most does not mean being serious all the time. True leisure is part of what he calls “sharpening the saw’ and is essential if we want to be truly successful in all the major roles of our lives.

    As always, great post Alana!

    Kent Julian

    • Kent,

      Thank you for differentiating this… because as I wrote the post I thought, “Taking photos with Zoie was fun, but I guess it DID have a purpose – family bonding time and rejuvenation!” This was definitely a true-leisure experience.

  2. I love this. It looks like you guys had so much fun! Now I want to find a 7-year-old of my own to do this with…perhaps I can settle for someone who’s a 7-year-old at heart. πŸ˜‰

    Good word, great reminder…especially this time of year when things are just nuts! I needed that. Thank you.

  3. lol! Oh Amanda. You are funnay. Is Hartlea old enough to try something like this? Maybe Kinsor and Ben will let you borrow her for an evening. πŸ™‚

  4. Love this! It’s so true. Sometimes Ivan and I will be cleaning or making dinner and I just want to have fun…so I use the kitchen sink sprayer to douse him with water. He does the same thing to me now, too. We don’t do that often, but when we do it really is a lot of fun.

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