Is She For Reals?

Things I Love About Me: #26 – I can really cut a rug.

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12 thoughts on “Is She For Reals?

    • OH YES, karaoke sounds fabulous! It will put me out of my comfort zone to actually sing, but I will do it at least once. 🙂

  1. Dude, that was awesome! Yet another reason we should live closer to one another – you and I would blow people’s minds with our awesome moves! Love the video and the song choice. Keep it up.

  2. Hilarious! (Especially when you pulled hair/dust/fur ball out of your mouth!) It *was* supposed to be funny, yes?? I have that same pot scrubber. I love that thing!

    • lol. Joe, it’s funny that you caught that I pulled something out of my mouth! haha. Yes. It was a piece of hair. I considered starting the video over but this was my improvisation.

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