The Secret to Getting Hired

Want to know the secret to getting hired? Ready? It is Personality Testing. Seriously! The secret to getting hired is to know yourself well, and to know your potential client well. When I say the phrase, “Personality Test,” what type of emotion does this stir up in you? Fear? Curiosity? Skepticism? Most people I have discussed the concept of personality testing with have either responded with a strong curiosity or a strong abhorrence…Why? Below are a few of the responses I have gotten when I mention my own personal interest:

1). I don’t want to be defined.
2). I don’t want to be put in a box.
3). I already know the things I don’t like about myself. I don’t need someone else pointing it out too.
4). Tests don’t define me, God defines me.

These are all understandable responses. However, I’d like to propose a new perspective. By taking a personality test, it would enable you to:

Know yourself better.
Why do you respond in anger to certain experiences and not to others?
Know others better.
The communication breakdowns that take place between two people are often because they are communicating in two different styles. If you knew how to read others’ styles, you could tailor your communication to clearly deliver your message.
Know your marketable skills.
Let’s say you are asking for a raise, or looking for that new job – your boss is going to want to know why you deserve what you are asking for. By being familiar will your skills and tendencies, you will show up strides ahead of the other 75 people clamoring for the same position.

Not convinced yet?

Here are a couple things I’ve learned about myself through testing.
Strength. My mind moves rapidly from one idea to the next, making me good at brainstorming. Area for improvement. Because I often juggle so many projects, I am unaware of how my busyness is affecting those I care about.

Shelbe is a client of mine. Below, Shelbe shares of her experience working with me to learn more about her style.

Shelbe O.

In Shelbe’s Words.
Personality testing has always been more of a private interest for me, but this week I had the pleasure of going through my test results with Alana. Something wonderful and surprising emerged as she asked me questions and drew attention to some aspects of myself I would not have naturally been drawn to. Alana is gifted with insight and was a trusted advisor as we went through this process. With honesty and care she highlighted patterns to be aware of and helped me celebrate my strengths. This was a tremendously valuable experience and I would highly recommend Alana as a guide for discovering more about yourself.

Through our coaching process, Shelbe recalled some of her strengths she had forgotten. We also identified key areas that may cause tension in her relationships and discussed how to approach those areas from a different perspective.

If you are looking for direction or are simply interested in learning more about your personality style, I would love to assist you! Please contact me by e-mailing I will provide you with a free 30 minute consultation to determine if the service I offer would be a good fit for your desired outcome.

It’s your lucky day!
You can receive your own personalized test results as well as a one-hour individualized coaching session with Alana Mokma for $75.00 (valued at $90)! During our session, we will cover your own personality style, your strengths, areas for improvement, marketable skills and tips on how to communicate successfully with other personality styles! To start, simply e-mail Alana Mokma at and write “Personality Test – I am interested” in the subject line. Alana will contact you within 48 hours to get the process started. For promotional pricing of $75.00 all purchases must be made by May 11.

Live outside of the Grand Rapids, MI area?
No worries! We can connect over telephone or face-to-face via Skype!


13 thoughts on “The Secret to Getting Hired

  1. I have to second this motion. Of all the responses I would have to be the guy that says I don’t need some test to tell me who I am! HOWEVER, after opening myself up to the idea and taking some personality tests and going through the results I realized that the tests did not define me. They simply became a great tool to describe who I already am.

    I recently heard someone say that if you do not define who you are someone else will. I think that for at least some of my life I have made and make decisions based on how others defined me.

    Personality testing was the beginning process for me to better understand who I am, but also learn about what I am naturally good at and the direction I want to go with my life.

    • Josh, I can say from personal experience that when I was not certain of who I was and what I was capable of, I allowed others to define this for me. Unfortunately I was believing the wrong messages. I love that you are open-minded in this process. I believe knowing your personality will not only improve the quality of your own life, but it will improve the relationships you experience as well.

      You make a really good point: by understanding yourself better it can also serve as a strong aid in showing you the direction to go in life. I am excited to see how this continues to unfold for you!

  2. Learning about my personality style has come in handy in the past few years. By knowing what my strengths and weaknesses are I am better able to work in areas that I am strong and work on improving my weaknesses. It has also helped me relate to other personality styles and see how they view things differently from me. I have also realized that having a different personality style from me is not “wrong”, it is just that they view things differently. I would highly recommend taking a personality test and finding out more about yourself!

    • ohhhhh! Good point Jon! A different personality style is not wrong. Ugh, sometimes I wish it were, that way I’d be right about everything! 😉 ha.

      • One of the major things I have taken away from 3 years of marriage is that working together with a different personality is good for you. They are able to tell you when you are wrong, even if you think you are right! 🙂

    • Jon, this is great! Yes, once one is able to identify his strengths, he can align himself with opportunities that match these strengths. The end result = a significantly more productive, enjoyable and successful product or experience! This is so different from what I was taught in school. It is standard to take students that are not excelling in a specific area and prescribe tutoring and extra homework so they will become better in weak areas. Simultaneously, less time is being spent in areas the student both enjoys and excels. I am still forming my opinion regarding this practice in schools, but I am leaning toward maximizing opportunities where the student excels and minimizing the interactions in areas he struggles.

  3. Alana,
    Taking the DISC profile was HUGE for both Claudia and me. It really helped us both understand ourselves better as well as each other.

    I think it’s awesome that you’re doing this. There’s definitely a need for it and you can help fill that.

    • Michael, I remember reading the post How Are You Wired? on I thought it was awesome that you and Claudia decided to go through the DiSC Profile as a married couple so that you could understand yourselves as individuals, but also to understand how you fit together perfectly as a couple! The DiSC Profile is an incredible resource and this is one of my favorite tests to use with my clients.

      Knowing our personality and communication styles has helped Josh and I to understand each other better. In some areas, it served as a “decoder” to what the other person was really thinking or hearing during a conversation. ha!

  4. Well said Alana! I have come to put a high value on personality testing. I can see the effects of it in how I interact with every person I encounter. I find that knowing myself helps me to lend grace to others in their interactions with me instead of getting easily bent out of shape. I really enjoyed this post.

    • Wow, Lindsay. You brought up an amazing point – understanding personalities has helped you to lend grace to others instead of easily getting bent out of shape. This is great!! Because I see the world from my perspective it makes it difficult to understand why other people make the decisions they do. But as you said, by understanding the varying personality types, it allows for us to have more grace for others. I have certainly experienced this both in marriage and friendships and even work relationships. I am sure others have experienced this with me as well. 😉 Glad you enjoyed the post!

  5. As a life and career coach, I love what you wrote here. What’s more, I think you hit the nail on the head. Excellent advice!

    While I’m at it, may I just say to everyone reading this post…Alana will serve you well. She has the heart of a servant and the skills to add tremendous value to your life. If you are looking for help with understanding yourself better, as well as being able to understand others better, Alana can help!

    • Thank you for your endorsement, Kent! I learned from a great coach at 🙂 In all seriousness, our coaching with you really helped me to narrow down the direction I wanted to go and sparked my own interest in coaching and development!

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