My Dirty Secret: Update

36 days ago I began a 31 day project to purge unnecessary items from our house. (Click here for Before Photos). My primary focus: the basement.

Here’s an update.


4 thoughts on “My Dirty Secret: Update

  1. I am proud of you for all the work you are doing in our basement! It looks great! …now to just sell all of that crap!

    • Thank you, Josh! It has been fun to see things clear out. Once we have a yard sale, that will eliminate a significant amount as well. Whoo hoo! Thank you for the items you have sold/gone through to help eliminate the clutter.

    • Joe, ha! The hand puppet was one of the random things I found while purging our basement. I must say, I am going to keep it though. It’s too fun of an item to get rid of. 🙂

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