How Do I Know If I’m on the Right Track?

Man, the book Find Your Strongest Life by Marcus Buckingham has been instrumental in helping me to tap into my passions and the things that energize me. I have been on a quest over the past 18 months to dig in deep and experience healing in my life and to learn more about my purpose. There was a section in Marcus’ book – actually many sections – that seemed to jump off the page, but I’d like to focus on one today.

As I share my journey of self-discovery with others, I am meeting so many people who are feeling unfulfilled with life and in particular, they feel unfulfilled in their work lives. Some have used the words “trapped”, “imprisoned”, “dying”, and “hopeless”, to describe how they feel when they are at work. Some have chosen their paths based on what friends or family recommended, or chose a profession that would be the most financially beneficial. Others seem to just fall into their work roles and never had the confidence, energy, encouragement or support to strive for more. When I say “more” I don’t specifically mean a more affluent position; Instead, I mean something with meat. I am describing a job that you are excited about going to, one that allows you to feel like you are making a difference, a job that makes you come alive just talking about it, one that comes naturally to you because you are able to use your talents. This is what I mean by “striving for more.”

There is a Q & A section in Marcus’ book. In chapter 10, he is asked: How Do I Know If I’m on the Right Track?

How Do I Know If I’m on the Right Track?
I’m a great believer in your own inner wisdom, so my first answer is simply: You’ll know. Deep inside, you’ll know. But if you’re more of a checklist person, here are ten signs to watch out for. You’ll know you’re on the right track if:

o You surprise yourself by actually looking forward to going to work.
o You make detailed plans about how to do things better.
o You read books and magazines related to your work.
o You learn new skills quickly, as if you’ve done them before.
o You like socializing with your colleagues after work.
o You find yourself telling your non-work friends stories about what happened at work.
o You trust your boss.
o You’re invigorated, even at the end of a day of hard work.
o You feel a sense of contributing to something greater than yourself.
o You build back quickly from small setbacks.

Are these true for you in your current position? How would your outlook on life change and how would your relationships change if these were indeed true for you? WOW!

I am finding that as I career and life coach others, this list is quickly becoming true for me. I devour books about finding one’s passion, purpose and direction. I am quickly able to help others see problems from a new perspective that helps them to find solutions. I am energized after meeting with a client. And, just ask Josh or my friends how much passion spills out of me when I share new discoveries I have made! I want this same excitement for you.

If you are feeling stuck in your job, or unsure of what direction to go next, or can relate to feeling trapped and hopeless, I want to help you. Please connect with me at and we can discuss how I can help you get unstuck. In the meantime, check out a few reviews on how I have helped others here.

You don’t have to continue living like this. There is hope!


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