I Thought I Wanted Balance – Part 3

(This post is part 3 of 3 in a series called “I Thought I Wanted Balance”)

You will be surprised by the peace and fullness you experience as you begin to practice this new way of life.

Benefits for Living an Imbalanced Life.
1). You’ll save a lot of your time. Activities that don’t help you create these strong-moments will drop further down your list of priorities. Many will fall off completely.
2). You’ll free yourself from manic perfectionism. With your focus on creating a few specific moments in each aspect of your life, you are freed from trying in vain to do everything well.
3). You’ll feel more purposeful. You are now targeting something specific, rather than being yanked around by everyone else’s demands.
4). You’ll wind up being able to do more for others. Though you begin by focusing on what you need, your strong-moments will generate the strength you need to handle everyone else in your life.
5). Your life will come to feel more balanced. It won’t actually be balanced – you won’t be devoting the same amount of either time or attention to each domain of your life. But it will feel more balanced because each part of your life will now be giving you energy – all around strength.

I thought I wanted balance in my life, but it turns out, I am really looking for fulfillment.


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