Tasting the Vibrance

“There is a primal sense of wonder and awe in the face of a child when they are fully absorbed in the moment. They’re thrilled with a sense of anticipation – just what kind of experiences are right around the corner. It is something to behold – this pure, unbridled joy. Life has a way of beating that wonder and awe out of us… You pour your time & energy & money into something and then it blows up in your face… and so, gradually, with your arms folded over your chest, you become one… more… spectator.” Rob Bell

I can say, I have experienced this, sometimes even multiple times in a single week! I try so hard to get something right – whether it be juggling tasks at work, developing a relationship, or cultivating a new idea. I’ve put so much effort into it, only to have it blow up in my face. So, why keep trying? It seems like it would be easier to just let life happen to me. To just go with the flow.

A couple weeks ago, author Rob Bell released a video called Rediscovering Wonder. In this video, he recalls how Jesus said, ‘Follow me’. “It’s as if He’s calling each of us to return to that childlike sense of wonder, awe and anticipation. He reaches deep down there through all those layers and into our heart and says, ‘follow me’. He invites us to leave behind all the reasons to be bitter, jaded and cynical because – let’s be honest – what you are looking for, you will find in this world. He calls us to leave behind all of our reasons to fold our arms over our chest and become one more spectator. He says, ‘Come follow me. Move beyond all that.'”

I want to again taste the vibrance in this life. I want to be in awe of all the little things, with a childlike wonder and fascination. I do not want to be the one on the sidelines… watching and making fun of those who are doing, only as a way to mask my own misery.

I invite you to watch the video. And in Rob’s words, “May you rediscover this childlike sense of discovery and anticipation. May you be open to the new thing that God is doing – right here, right now. And may you be wide-eyed and filled with wonder and awe.”


8 thoughts on “Tasting the Vibrance

  1. What a great reminder and a great way to start my day. I’m going to focus on being more child-like today. My own three year old gives me many opportunities.

    • ::BIG SMILE:: Jody! Thanks for stopping by! What did your child-self end up doing/observing today? Yes, I can imagine that a 3-yr-old would be quite inspirational at this. ha!

      • One thing I enjoyed was an afternoon nap beside my little guy. Interestingly, I hated having to take my afternoon naps when I was little. Nowadays, it’s a welcome bonus to a day 😉 I’m sure you can relate!

      • Awww yeah! Jody, that is a great way to experience being childlike! Yes, afternoon naps are wonderful – my favorite naps are in the Fall, when the air is crisp, on a Sunday afternoon while Josh watches football in the background. Mmmmm… wish I was there now! 🙂

    • Marcia, what do you mean when you say, “I wonder if I have been transformed?”

      I really like this video from Rob. Each time I watch it, different things stand out for me. The first time I watched it, his phrase “Let’s be honest – what you are looking for, you will find in this world” really came through strong. Lately I have been finding a lot of things that I just plain don’t like. When I heard him say that, I traced back my thoughts and realized that it was because I was LOOKING for those things. One example being – I was looking for people to disappoint me, so I could then turn and say, “Ha. See? I knew he/she would fail me!” NO WONDER I kept “finding” those things!

      • Rob says, quoting Jesus, “you’ll know them by their fruit, and fruit comes after first tasting the fruit of Jesus, … and it transforms you from the inside out”…

      • Ahh. Gotcha. I had forgotten this part was in the video. I kinda think the transformation is a lifelong process. How about you?

        When I saw this part of the video, what stood out to me was “you’ll know them by their fruit”. It kicked me in the gut because I know there are areas in my life where I do not show up in the best light. I end up walking away thinking, “Man, I was really gross just then.” So, this part made me start thinking what kind of fruit others have tasted from me.

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