Being Who I Am

Note from Alana: This is strange. Josh and I both wrote our posts on this topic within a similar time frame. Each not knowing the other person was writing about the same theme. I’m intrigued by how many 30-somethings struggle with their identity… and perhaps people of all ages do, but it’s the 30-somethings that are beginning to speak out. You can see Josh’s guest post here.

Alana Mokma, you are OKAY as you are.

Just be you.
Just be you! It sounds so simple. Yet for me, this is really difficult. To be honest, it’s embarrassing. Especially because I’m putting myself out there as a person who can help you identify who you are. I can help you identify your strong spots, your weak spots, your passions, your talents… but… I’ve been struggling to do this for myself.

Two weeks ago, I realized why: I don’t allow myself to be me. Somewhere I learned along the way, much like Amanda shared in her story of identity, that who I am is not good enough. I have to produce something, or always be “on” or always be kind, or always be helpful, because if I don’t, I will not have value.

As I continue to work with my Naturopath, Micah, he is forever encouraging me to “just be you. Be who you are. Own it.” When I met with him two weeks ago, I experienced some breakthrough. For the first time, I thought:

Wait. You mean it’s okay for me to just show up and be who I am?

It really seems crazy. But this is my struggle.

::deep breath::

Today, I proclaim – It is OKAY to be me. I am loved and accepted exactly as I am. Right now. In this moment.

If you can relate to this, please share this message. Tweet, Facebook “like” or e-mail this link – – with the status “I am OKAY as I am.”

Question: What is something you want to accept about yourself?


5 thoughts on “Being Who I Am

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Alana….It definitely is a struggle for me…and I get what you say about having to “do something for someone else” to be valuable. Relaxing in who you are seems like a dream come true…and freedom.

    Learnin’ to just BE ME!

    • That’s great, Carla! I am so happy to hear you are learning to just be you! I like the phrase you used “relaxing in who you are.” I am going to take that mentality today!

    • Thanks MJ! I like that quote. 🙂

      Ironically, the more I allow myself to be myself, the more I love myself. I’m a pretty cool lady!

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