Who Do You Think You Are?

The other day I spent some quality time with a couple of my girlfriends. One of them shared an idea for a project she is pondering. It is a fantastic idea but she is afraid to move forward until she has conquered the issue herself. She didn’t feel worthy or accomplished enough to consider herself an expert or leader on the subject. In response, I jumped down her throat and passionately told her why she should do it anyway, even if she is in the middle of the process herself. Ready or not, others needed to hear her message.

Not much later in the conversation, I got it. It clicked and I knew exactly how she felt; uncertain in what she could offer to others. I am a Career Coach, but in my mind, I am not fully accomplished until that is what I do full-time. Until then, I’m just… an understudy. I was humbled for having reacted to her so strongly.

It is crazy how those darn voices kick in when we feel drawn to do something.

Who do you think you are?
Who are you to speak on this?
What makes you the expert?

SCREW THAT! If it is important to me, there is obviously a reason… and, if it’s something I’m struggling with, then there must be someone else out there struggling with the exact. same. thing.

I wonder, if instead of using those accusing voices as a stopping point to abandon ship… what would it look like to utilize them as a trigger point – THIS IS IT! This is a hotpoint that the Enemy doesn’t want me to go near.

I must investigate this further.

We speak, because we have a message we can’t contain. – author and coach, Dan Miller

Question: What adventure have you shied away from because you believed the lie that you weren’t worthy enough or ready for it?


6 thoughts on “Who Do You Think You Are?

  1. Man, I wasn’t the person you told this to, but I so could have been. Thanks for the reminder that I don’t have to have all the credentials to know that I’d be awesome at doing what is in my heart.

    • ha yeah. I needed to hear/realize myself Terri! I’m kind of eager to start paying attention to those moments that I hear ‘You aren’t good enough to do this’ ESPECIALLY when I am in the midst of pursuing something I am passionate about.

  2. i think those feelings of inadequacy can be beneficial if they cause us to pause and take stock of the value that we do have to offer. rather than just ignoring or repressing them doing this makes for a firm foundation to build confidence and keep moving forward. at least that’s my 2 cents : )

    • Kola, I like your thinking – “if they cause us to pause and take stock of the value that we do have to offer.” I definitely feel like these feelings can be a wayfinding tool to help us discover when we may be “on to something” and to identify what we DO have to offer to others.

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