I Don’t Wanna Work

Do you struggle with staying focused? I do. I’ve noticed my ability to focus plummet over the past couple months. I started to believe there was something wrong with me. Then I realized three things:

1). My current job is full of interruptions
2). I do not enjoy my work tasks
3). When I do enjoy my task and I have a period with minimal interruptions – I have laser sharp focus.

When you are struggling with focusing on your work, here are a few things I recommend to get refreshed and refocused:

    • First, ask yourself why you are feeling unfocused – are you dealing with a relationship issue with a coworker, significant other or a friend? Perhaps it is a comfort issue – do you feel physically ill or perhaps your shirt tag is scraping your neck in that perfectly annoying fashion. First figure out why you feel unfocused.
    • Take a bathroom break – get up, stretch your legs, (dance like nobody is watching) and give yourself a chance to view some new scenery – that is not your computer screen – for a few minutes.
    • Close your eyes for a few moments. What is your favorite space? Are you inside or outside? Are you alone or with people? Focus on this pleasant space, slow your breath and focus on breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth.
    • Massage your feet to get the blood flowing. Although I recommend doing this during your bathroom break. Your desk mate may be grossed out. I know I would be if I saw you doing this at your desk.
    • If you have thoughts that continue to run through your mind, such as “I gotta remember to pick up butter on the way home” keep a journal or notepad near you, write it down and then move back to your work. All day long I am inspired with blog post or business ideas, people I want to connect with, etc. Once I write them down, it gives my mind the ease of knowing it no longer has to fight to remember it.

Don’t ignore these thoughts and feelings that are distracting you. Ask yourself what it is you need in that moment and do the best you can (in a brief period) to meet that need. Then you can again focus on your work.

Question: What do YOU do to revive or refocus when you don’t wanna work? 


5 thoughts on “I Don’t Wanna Work

  1. I’ll try that on my next break (the video) :). When I am at work and lose my focus I put my work items (emails, documents etc) in a nice neat pile and then with pen and paper I hand write a list. Number them and check them off. Seems to work for me.

    • Marcia – I highly recommend the dancing in the bathroom – great way to get your blood flowing. 😉

      I like how you choose to stay organized! That particular exercise is not something I do often, but I agree it works very well. I am going to try that myself next time and see if I can create a habit of it. I think sometimes I allow myself to get so overwhelmed I do not think straight enough to get myself back into organization mode.

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