I am in Transition

Have you ever sat in a room of people – that you gathered together – to share your plans for the future, ask for their feedback on your ideas, only to realize that what you are really asking them for is permission to just be yourself?

I have.

I wrote a post (here) about feeling like I can’t be the real me. It seems like I go about my daily life and then “wake up” every few months to realize I am moving down a path that isn’t really who I am or what I want.

I had another one of these epiphanies about a month ago. I realized I had shown up on this blog in ways that I felt like I should show up and not ways that were true to who I was. This happened most specifically when I posted about being successful. I am not a success blogger, but I felt the need to talk about success.

So, when I realized I was beginning to venture in a direction that was not true to me, I contacted a few friends that have walked with me during this journey and who truly desire to see me live out my dreams. I consider my husband Josh, as well as Shelbe Ogburn and Terri Spaulding to be on my Board of Directors. I share with them when I feel stuck or unmotivated, we talk it through and then I often leave with a fresh perspective.

And, this is exactly what happened last Wednesday night.

Josh, Shelbe, Terri and I gathered in our living room, and despite my preparation, I felt like I was still struggling to pinpoint what it was I wanted from them. After an hour and a half of discussion, we came to the conclusion that really all I wanted was permission to be myself on my own blog. Weird to say, since it is mine and I can do whatever I want, but I didn’t believe that. I felt like I needed to show up as a professional who spoke only on how to be successful and one who handed out tidbits of advice on how to get your next interview. That’s. Not. Me.

Wednesday was an evening of clarity.

Vulnerability. Identity. Stories. My Story.

This is where my heart is.

SO, I am wading through a transition. The blog content will be changing a little, but this is going to be a good thing.

Tuesdays, the site will continue to host the Your Story series. Readers love this. I love this.
Thursdays, I will be sharing more of my personal journey with my search to rediscover my identity. I’ll continue to share about personality types, and job stuff as I feel inspired (which this Thursday I’ll be sharing about introverts and extroverts), but the blog is going to be more organic, and more … me.

I’m really excited about this transition. This is what I want.

And now, we begin a new chapter. A chapter where I do what I want and not what I think I should.


9 thoughts on “I am in Transition

    • lol. Thanks Laurie. Sometimes I even surprise myself with how many facets there are to “Alana.” It actually puts me in awe with how God created us as such complex beings.

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