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Contest Winner!

Thanks for the feedback you provided regarding the topics you enjoy learning about on this site! It was helpful and I am happy to hear that you are tracking with the categories that I write about.

I’d like to announce our contest winner.
Thank you, Kate Rehmus from for your suggestion on living a more balanced lifestyle.

Check back soon for a new post on “Balance” as well as a follow-up post on the “Benefits of Knowing Your Personality Style!”

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Musings of a Shiny Penny has officially been delivering to you messages of hope, inspiration and short stories of lessons learned for 6 months! Whoo Hoo! Toot Toot!

At this time, I would love to obtain feedback from you regarding the content you have found here.

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Coming Soon… blog post: The Benefits of Knowing Your Personality Style.

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Reasons for My Existence

What is most important to me? What threads are beginning to reveal themselves through my musings?

I’m taking this cue from Ivan Bickett, who will be my first guest tomorrow on Musings of a Shiny Penny. The other day we discussed themes that he finds to be his own passions. After contemplating my own passions, I discovered the below 4 Threads:

Community. Family. Friends. I’ve always been one to appreciate relationships, (I’m a high “I” for those who are familiar with the DiSC personality test) but only recently have I realized their vitality. Despite how we feel or what we think, we need other people in our lives to support us and challenge us.

Dan Miller, author of 48 Days to the Work You Love, recently said, “You speak because you have a message you can’t contain.” SHAZAM! I totally resonated with this! I can’t stop thinking, believing and hoping that we were all called to live amazingly fulfilled lives. Some of us are fortunate enough to have found our passions and begin living them in our daily lives. Others of us know there has got to be something more, something bigger to this life, but we don’t know how to get from point A to point B. We are miserable and cannot bear to get up in the morning, but do not know how to utilize the tools we have to escape Groundhog’s Day. The last group of us are poor, miserable souls but have zero desire to do anything to change. It’s our lot in life. Our cross to bear. (<– those are lies by the way).

My goal and desire is to help others realize their passions, talents and what makes them tick so they can lead successful and fulfilled lives!

It ain’t over ’til its over. This is a phrase that Ed Dobson shares in his story at It Ain’t Over, the first film in the Ed’s Story series, reminds us that life isn’t over yet and that we don’t have to feel overwhelmed by the struggles we’re facing today. [1] It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by life. I can admit I get overwhelmed on a daily basis, but know this – there is hope for you. Your life is not over. I don’t care if you are 13, 53 or 93. You are still living and you do not have to live this way anymore.

This theme has been strongly embedded in my brain by Ivan Bickett. He shares his story of sitting around, wanting a different life but doing nothing to change it. You can view more of Ivan’s story here. He is finally doing something to change.

I am learning that we can dream and dream and dream … and things overtime may change. We may get a different job, meet that special someone, start a family. Whatever. Imagine the life you could live if you were intentional. I am working on a program to help others live intentional lives. It takes work, but OHMYGOODNESS the rewards are ::melodic sing-song voice:: AMAAAZING!

K. These 4 themes are shaping my message. I can’t wait for you to hear what some of my guests have to say!

Come back tomorrow for my first guest post from Ivan Bickett @