Jessie’s Betrayal

Last week I was telling you about my gorgeous best friend Jessie. [If you missed it, catch up here]. Today I’ll tell you what happened to our friendship, although by the post title, you may have a good guess. 😉 Continue reading


The Ugly Friend

Yesterday I took us on a little road trip back to my past. [Click here to catch up]

We’re going to pick up right where we left off.

So, we’re back in 6th grade again. My second year of 6th grade. I am still recovering from being the “home-schooled-stupid-child”. This year, a new girl had arrived in my class. As I mentioned yesterday, our school was small, so anything outside the ordinary drew massive amounts of attention. This new girl in my class was tall, skinny [of course], she was athletic, with long shiny brown hair. Oh, and she was rich. At least rich compared to my family. She owned her own horse! Her Mother seemed to buy her pretty much anything she wanted. So yeah, I was jealous. Somehow, I managed to become her friend. Perhaps it was my charming personality. 😉 Continue reading