Muse Says Her Goodbyes

Today is the last post from Musings of a Shiny Penny. It was fun while it lasted, folks.

Wait. Don’t be upset! I’m not going away forever. I’m coming back in January with a completely new look and brand new content!

That being said, I am leaving you with a before/after photo. This is kind of a random last post, but on November 1st I promised a before/after photo of my sexy shoulders. Ha! They aren’t quite as sculpted as I would like, but they are getting there.

Before Photos (on top) After Photos (on bottom)

Happy for muscles!

Happy Holidays! See you on the flip side.

– Alana


7 thoughts on “Muse Says Her Goodbyes

    • Yeah! I’m pumped! Thanks for reading along for the past 14 months. Your support of me and what I am doing through this blog has been incredibly empowering.

  1. I was sad for a moment! Thought you were really leaving, glad you’re not…looking forward to the new site! and niiiice muscles 🙂

    • haha. thanks. I am a little sad to leave musings of a shiny penny – but I am really excited about the adventure that lies ahead!

      Hopefully my muscles keep getting more defined. I love having that sexy shoulder muscle 😉

  2. Don’t scare us like that! Looking forward to seeing the new look and content. Nice muscles, you can tell that you have been working on them. Good job! This blog has been a wonderful undertaking and accomplishment along with your buff bod:) You have a gift for writing inspiring and thought provoking posts. I believe you will continue to grow this area of you life along with your life coaching. I’m proud of you Alana! Keep up the awesome work!

  3. i’m excited for you, Alana. can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for you!

    ps: nice job with the before/after pics. i see progress. progress is good 🙂

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